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5G technology is important because it’s changing the way the world connects and communicates.

5G is important to organizations for much the same reasons. Businesses that aren’t connecting and communicating are certain to be left behind the competition that’s investing in 5G technology.

In 2020, research found that 5G has the potential to contribute $8 trillion to global GDP by 2030, with industries as diverse as mining, entertainment, transportation and healthcare all set to reap enormous benefits.

The COVID-19 pandemic initially slowed the progress of 5G, but it soon turned into a catalyst. As people became reliant on communications networks for work, education and social contact, the need for high-speed, high-bandwidth connectivity became acute and many operators redoubled their 5G deployment efforts.

By adding vast amounts of capacity to the network, 5G will open up new consumer entertainment possibilities – including high-definition streaming on the go and glitch-free cloud gaming on mobile devices. Its ultra-fast speeds mean many consumers may choose to use it for home broadband, too.

Yet, analysts insist that  the real promise of 5G lies in its potential for the enterprise. With its increased bandwidth, ultra-low latency, enhanced security, and the ability to connect 1 million devices per 0.38 square miles, 5G will make possible many new and transformative applications of technology.

For one thing, 5G will certainly enable equipment and vehicles to be controlled remotely, making operations like mining and inspections safer. It will also be the enabling network for adaptive city infrastructure (think road systems that automatically divert traffic if there’s an accident, or when air pollution levels reach a certain level). In healthcare, it will enable doctors to conduct remote diagnoses and even remote surgery.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers 5G Training courses, seminars and educational packages, live online, on demand, in class and blended.

Investing in a little 5G Training can pay big dividends. Companies that haven’t prepared their staff and stakeholders for the 5G revolution will be playing catch up for a very long time.

The market for 5G semiconductors alone will boom to nearly $19 billion by 2022 according to a Bank of America report.

But 5G will be instrumental for many other industries, including retail, entertainment, automotive, manufacturing and logistics. 5G networking will also help speed up tech advancements.

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