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Improvements offered by 5G will give businesses access to lightning-fast data transfer speeds and improved network reliability.

As standalone (SA) 5G delivers on its promises, it will likely creep into every aspect of business operations. Even when and where we work will be affected, with the possibility of remote teams empowering organizations to hire top talent outside of their local area, or even country.

Leaders looking to capitalize on the widespread introduction of 5G can lay the groundwork by including 5G in the budget. Like all new technologies, 5G hardware is more expensive than 4G hardware. But for businesses to remain competitive when a full-scale launch of standalone 5G technology occurs in 2021, they’ll need 5G-ready equipment on hand and ready to go.

Another key is strengthening big data analytics. 5G will facilitate advances in artificial intelligence, automation and IoT, and with these advances come more and more data. How a company collects, stores, and uses that data will be critical to success, so investment in analytics tools will be essential.

5G is also about preparing for the wave of automation and AI. Faster speeds and lower latency lend themselves to an influx in new automation and AI technologies. Businesses will rely on mobile networks more than ever and will need to work with IT specialists to redesign and streamline core operations.

Companies must also strategize how they are going to use 5G now, and in the longer term because technology is always evolving and 5G architecture will constantly be improving.

And perhaps the first and most important step for organizations to reap the profits 5G offers is to provide education. Teams cannot make the most of this new technology if they don’t understand what it is and the potential it offers.

5G education can help businesses understand how the network’s benefits can support business goals, improve customer experience and drive growth.

Don’t let 5G slide in your organization. Get in the game with 5G training and make sure your company or agency is moving forward with groundbreaking 5G technology. Tonex is your 5G training specialists offering over two dozen courses, such as:

–5G Training Crash Course (4 days)

–5G Training Cybersecurity Bootcamp (4 days)

–5G Training for Non Engineers (2 days)

–5G and mmWave Antenna Engineering Training (3 days)

–5G Training Fundamentals (2 days)

–5G Millimeter Wave Training (3 days)

–5G Training in Device to Device Communications (2 days)

–5G Cloud-Ran Training (2 days)

Now is the time to put 5G to work for your organization.

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