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According to IEEE, the 6G system will be built on the cloud, optimized for ubiquitous computing, and natively provide computing services (e.g., in forms of infrastructure services, platform services, and software services).

Subscribers of 6G cloud computing services can be mobile devices, mobile device vendors, application developers, and cloud service providers (CSP).

Experts in this area contend that compared with 5G edge computing , the 6G wide-area cloud system has unique characteristics. For example, 5G edge computing is typically deployed as regional edges or private network on-premise edges. It focuses on realizing the computing functionality.

However, the 6G wide-area cloud aims to achieve widely distributed computing across mobile devices, network nodes, edges and data centers.

Scalability is the foremost consideration. 5G edge computing typically operates in an environment with a single ownership and security domain. The edge is either part of the CSP cloud or part of the on-premises system. The 6G wide-area cloud encompasses multiple security and ownership domains across device owners, communication service providers (CoSPs), and CSPs.

Standardized interfaces are required for interoperability.

Another aspect:  5G edge computing resides beyond the 5G mobile core network. Control messages and data traffic between mobile devices and edge computing servers are transported as over-the-top traffic.

In the 6G wide-area cloud, computing becomes part of the system service, and a tighter coupling between comm and comp is expected, particularly from a control plane perspective.

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  • 5G / 6G Edge Computing
  • Fundamentals of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)
  • Mobile Edge Computing Fundamentals
  • Workshop/ Case studies and more

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