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6G technology is still several years away, but business experts believe it behooves leaders of organizations to at least have a basic understanding of 6G’s potential.

This 6G for everyone approach includes how 6G technology will likely change the workplace. This includes how employees of the future will probably be trained using virtual reality (VR) applications powered by 6G technology.

VR can be utilized in numerous ways to improve recruiting efforts and help discover the most qualified candidate. Simulated office visits can help applicants see if they are a good fit for company culture, and fully interactive experiences can help evaluate a potential candidate’s required on-the-job skills.

Compared to traditional in-person recruiting practices, virtual experiences can also help reduce recruiting costs by limiting the number of employees that need to travel to a given event and allowing for a more efficient booth size at job fairs.

These tools can also help expand remote recruiting efforts by providing a good way to more thoroughly evaluate candidates who might be located outside a firm’s local region.

The transportation realm also will look different when 6G goes live. With 6G connectivity, experts are predicting a kind of real-time, 4D map that can help commuters manage the extreme traffic of our future cities, including autonomous vehicles.

Commutes should improve with the help of highly accurate sensors in vehicles and at base stations that can navigate and give you the fastest, most comfortable commute.

Any organization with healthcare connections should also be following developments as 6G gets closer. For example, with lightning-fast data speeds, predictions call for smart sensors that float through our bloodstream and monitor and measure every aspect of our health.

These connected devices should continuously collect data and analyze information to make recommendations and predict health issues before they arise.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Essential 6G for Everyone, a 2-day course that covers how 6G technology is expected to impact individuals, organizations and agencies.

This course is recommended for a broad audience – from anyone involved in 6G product development to anybody who wants to learn latest telecom technologies and wants to work for telecom mobile operator and vendor companies.

All told, Tonex offers more than two dozen courses in 6G technology. These courses include:

6G AI & Digital Twins

6G Cybersecurity Training Bootcamp

6G for Leaderships

6G O-RAN Fundamentals

6G Technology Training

6G Training for Non Engineers

Introduction to 6G

Next Generation 6G Networks Crash Course

How to Monetize and Sell 6G Products and Services

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