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Electronic warfare (EW) is a rapidly evolving field that is steadily increasing in prominence as nations look to gain the edge in the next generation of conflict technology.

The global electronic warfare market reached a value of $16.52 billion in 2021 with an expected value of $23.17 billion by 2027.

Not long ago the Pentagon published an Electronic Warfare strategy that calls for increased investment in advanced electronic warfare technology designed to defend U.S. assets and proactively use the electromagnetic spectrum against enemies.

With this kind of commitment to EW, it may not be that long before the technology exists to cloak military aircraft and Naval vessels and make them vanish the way the Klingons did it in Star Trek.

Today, current EW tools consist of devices for jamming, eavesdropping and using radio waves or laser light to confuse or disable an enemy’s electronics.

The U.S. push for more advanced Electronic Warfare technology is understandable given the crucial strategic role EW now plays in support of the military objectives of U.S. adversaries – especially Russia.

In fact, Electronic Warfare (EW) holds a special place within the concept of operations of the Russian Ground Forces. It is referred to as radio-electronic warfare (Радиоэлектронная борьба) or REB, and it is seen as the means by which the Russian armed forces can degrade the combat systems of an opponent to such an extent that any technological superiority will be severely compromised.

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Currently Tonex offers eight different Electronic Warfare courses with titles such as:

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