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Activity Based Intelligence Training

Activity Based Intelligence Training covers the principles and key processes of  intelligence-oriented data analysis approach for efficient, real-time diverse data.

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Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) covers all the methods and  disciplines of intelligence. The analysis and subsequent collection processes are focused on the activity and transactions associated with an entity, a population, or an area of interest. The Human Domain, or Human Dimension is a vital and integral part of ABI:

  • presence
  • activities (including transactions – both physical and virtual)
  • culture
  • social structure/organization
  • networks and relationships
  • motivation, intent, vulnerabilities
  • capabilities of humans (single or groups) across all domains of the operational environment (Space, Air, Maritime, Ground, and Cyber)

A good training course for “Big Data” Analysts who need assessing activities across multiple information streams including geo-location to find the non-obvious unknown relationships within their “big-data” environment.

Learn how Human intelligence, or HUMINT and Geospatial intelligence can strongly be correlated to establish links between them. Activity based intelligence (ABI) relates location and location behavior over time, and combining personal observations and opinions to provide important insights to analysts and decision-makers. This intelligent analysis intersecting HUMINT and GEOINT information is referred to as activity based intelligence (ABI): “a discipline of intelligence where the analysis and subsequent collection is focused on activity and transactions associated with an entity, population, or area of interest.” as defined by The Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence.


Learn about:

  • GEOINT foundation
  • Exploitation and analysis of geospatial data and information
  • Describe, assess, and visually depict natural and man-made features
  • Location-based events on earth
  • GEOINT data sources: imagery, full motion video (FMV) and mapping data, collected by either commercial or government satellite, aircraft (UAVs, reconnaissance, commercial aircraft or by service subscription)
  • Maps, demographic databases and open source databases, census information, GPS waypoints, utility schematics, or any data about infrastructure or events on earth
  • HUMINT foundation
  • Collection of intelligence by means of interpersonal contact
  • Intelligence gathering technologies
  • Conversations, interviews, and interrogations
  • Operations planning to provide activity based intelligence using GEOINT and HUNMINT
  • End-to-end supply chain planning and execution processes

ABI and the 5 “Ws” related to data and creating actionable

  • Who refers to a person (POI), group or organization of interest
    • Location and history of activity
    • Level of interest in the POI or group
  • What refers to what is going to perform an activity
    • POI location with respect to infrastructure resources
  • When refers to  a given time
    • Tracking and projection based on fusion of social event information
      (twitter, facebook, RSS news feeds, email, documents, web site analytics, web site crawling, etc.)
  • Where refers to a given location
  • Predictive analytic functions to forecast location events
  • Why refers to  an unknown reason
    • The ability to model prior behaviors and use predictive methods to project new behaviors
  • How refers to an unknown method to carry out the activity
    • The ability to link or graph the relationships and the strength of the relationships
      found in the data to facilitate real-time decision tree analysis

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