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AI Security Course

Don’t look now, but artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become top shelf tools in providing effective network security.

AI and ML can be used to analyze large amounts of data and detect potential security incidents in real time. These technologies can also be used to automate security processes, such as threat detection and response, to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Additionally, AI solutions can identify shadow data, monitor for abnormalities in data access and alert security teams about potentially risky activity by anyone accessing the data—saving valuable time in detecting and remediating issues.

AI-powered risk analysis can produce incident summaries for high-fidelity alerts and automate responses, accelerating alert investigations and triage by an average of 55%.

Cybersecurity professionals also contend that AI can help balance security with user experience by analyzing the risk of each login attempt and verifying users through behavioral data, simplifying access for verified users and reducing the cost of fraud by up to 90%.

Experts in this area pretty much agree that the right AI application can assist security professionals by recognizing complex data patterns, providing actionable recommendations, and enabling autonomous mitigation. It enhances threat detection, supports decision-making, and speeds up incident response.

This is due to the fact that AI utilizes three fundamental mechanisms to tackle complex security problems:

  • Pattern Insights:AI excels at recognizing and classifying data patterns that may be challenging for humans to analyze. It presents these patterns to security professionals for further examination and analysis.
  • Actionable Recommendations:Intelligent Agents offer actionable recommendations based on the identified patterns, providing security professionals with guidance on appropriate measures.
  • Autonomous Mitigation:Some Intelligent Agents can take direct action on behalf of security professionals to address and rectify security issues.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Network Security Training, a 2-day course that introduces the importance of security in networks and helps participants to understand the main components of a secured network.

Network security training helps you examine the security related issues in networks and provides you with necessary preparation to secure the networks from attacks and exploits.

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