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Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us.

Everything from spam filters to security surveillance is now powered by artificial intelligence technology. Businesses are especially tapping into artificial intelligence methodology. In e-commerce alone, AI is being used for dynamic price optimization, fraud detection and prevention for online transactions, product recommendations and purchase predictions, smart searches and personalization as a service.

Artificial intelligence has become prominent in marketing. More and more companies are using AI for things like pattern and image recognition, customer segmentation and predictive customer service. Other marketing uses include:

  • Recommendations and content curation
  • Personalization of news feeds
  • Language recognition
  • Ad targeting and real-time bidding
  • Social semantics and sentiment analysis
  • Automated web design

Analysts predict many more uses of AI are on the way. One in particular under the microscope is how AI has the potential to transform IT productivity. The increasingly complex and powerful IT environment of the future is too much for human tech pros to manage alone. Businesses are soon expecting real-time, actionable interventions.

In 2022, CIOs will also start to evaluate AI applicability into the engineering organization for fundamentally transforming developer’s productivity. This is an area that has been researched for a long time but meaningful progress has not been made until very recently.

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