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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly becoming a major fundamental differentiator for business.

If your organization can’t find deeper insights in data, quickly and at scale, your competitors will.

In reality, the artificial intelligence market has been on a swift growth path for several years – so much so that the industry is expected to reach $42.4 billion in 2023.

This momentum is expected to continue and debut of powerful new AI-powered tools and services across industries.

Analysts contend there has been a shift from the well-understood role of AI in analysis and prediction – helping data scientists and enterprises make sense of the world and chart their courses accordingly – to new and innovative systems, like DALL-E, that are producing entirely new artifacts that have never been seen before.

In fact, so many AI trends are developing so quickly, there’s no way organizations can stay abreast without continual education and training.

For example, take AI technology and new applications into text, speech and vision. Experts in this area say there is a treasure trove of intelligence buried deep in the conversations that customers have with contact center executives. These unstructured voice and text-based conversations are fast becoming one of the easiest sources of intelligence.

In some scenarios, it is possible to derive crucial consumer insights to improve products and services, design virtual assistants to help the staff tackle complex customer issues and improve customer satisfaction.

Some other intelligence that can be of value is identifying frequently asked questions and creating proper self-service channels for them, increasing customer engagement and identifying and prescribing opportunities for cross-selling and upselling and an abundance of other allied opportunities.

Also, language and accent neutralization capabilities can enable an executive to serve customers across geographies

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