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Building an artificial intelligence (AI) system is a careful process of reverse-engineering human traits and capabilities in a machine, and using its computational prowess to surpass what we are capable of. 

The ability to collect and process data is advancing rapidly, offering new opportunities to reshape the way businesses operate. Applying artificial intelligence, organizations can find patterns and draw insights from data to make better decisions.

Businesses are using AI in customer relationship management, underwriting, fraud detection or security intrusions, automating processes and even social media monitoring to gauge brand perception. AI is also a growing application in talent development and managing human risk.

Consultants in this area believe to make AI work most effectively for an organization, it cannot be a sole function of the IT department. Instead, AI adoption must be done in partnership between IT and the entire business in order to apply it in a way that provides real benefits.

In other words, AI adoptions are successful when they’re started jointly with the business, rather than saying, a small group from the technology team is going to do it.

Implementing new tools at scale has to be a joint partnership with a sponsor from the business. Successful AI implementation has the right level of push and pull on both sides.

Additionally, studies show that most successful AI adopters embark on a full digital transformation. In fact, the most effective adoption outcome requires a transition to a digitally enabled business model that adjusts to an organization’s unique needs.

This is often when companies unlock AI’s true potential and revolutionize how organizations conduct their business.

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