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Expect to spend four-days in our hands-on Automotive Functional Safety Engineering Training. Participants learn the background of the ISO 26262 standard, its scope, the main differences from IEC 61508 (the general safety standard), and how the scope varies with adding new systems.

Almost all automakers are now in compliance with the ISO 26262 standard because, realistically, an electronic systems’ reliability cannot be easily evaluated like that of a mechanical system. The proof is in nationwide recalls that quite often are due to faulty electronics in component or sub-systems lacking appropriate quality levels.

Our Automotive Functional Safety Engineering Training seminar provides an overview of all sections of ISO 26262 and its impact. Automotive Functional Safety Training helps you with understanding ISO 26262 by presenting the details of ISO 26262 in a practical way. This seminar will give you the all the information you need to implement ISO 26262.

What You Learn

  • ISO 26262 requirements
  • The challenges of implementing ISO 26262
  • The formal safety management processes and the recommended supporting processes
  • Risk assessment and the functional safety concept
  • Technical safety concept and system design
  • Safety-oriented hardware and software development
  • A methodical approach to safety analysis
  • Skills required for effective auditing of the ISO 26262 requirements
  • Skills to review the Safety Case
  • Functional Safety Audit and Functional Safety Assessment
  • Confirmation Measures including Confirmation Reviews, Functional Safety Audit and Functional Safety Assessment
  • Hazard analysis and risk assessment (H&R / HARA)
  • Parts 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9
  • FMEA
  • FTA
  • ISO 26262 hardware architectural metrics
  • Dependent failure analysis (DFA)

ISO 26262 is the automotive application standard for functional safety IEC 61508 that impacts the whole product lifecycle. However, applying and implementing ISO 26262 in an effective, efficient way can be challenging. That is why you need to educate your personnel with the right, suitable and comprehensive training.

Why Choose TONEX?

–Presenting highly customized learning solutions is what we do. For over 30 years TONEX has worked with software development organizations in improving their understanding and capabilities in topics often with regulations and compliances that, frankly, can be difficult to comprehend.

–Ratings tabulated from student feedback post-course evaluations show an amazing 98 percent satisfaction score.

–Reasonably priced classes taught by the best trainers is the reason all kinds of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to government’s most important agencies return for updates in courses and hands-on workshops. For less than $1,200 per person TONEX will train a team of 10 people in a three day course delivered on-site in the continental U.S.

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