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Automotive radar is emerging as a key technology enabling intelligent and autonomous features in modern vehicles.

Automotive radar is focused on relieving drivers from monotonous tasks, reducing driver stress, and adding life-saving automatic interventions.

A few years ago, automotive radar technology began appearing in many high-end cars to enable essential safety and comfort features including adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency breaking systems where a vehicle can steeply decelerate without driver involvement to avoid a potential collision.

The deployment of these features has initially been limited to high-end vehicles because of the high cost of sensing technology.

But this is about the change. The expected vast global market penetration of automotive radar technology has required both international and local regulatory authorities to work in conjunction with the automotive industry to develop appropriate and harmonized standards.

It is now anticipated that by 2030 the penetration of automotive radars will reach around 65% in Europe and 50% in the United States.

Automotive radar systems are the primary sensor used in adaptive cruise control and are a critical sensor system in autonomous driving assistance systems (ADAS).

In ADAS, automotive radar is one of the several sensor systems for collision avoidance, pedestrian and cyclist detection, and complements vision-based camera-sensing systems.

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