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Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are supercharged with benefits such as providing a way to store excess energy generated by renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

This benefit of Battery Energy Storage Systems is particularly germane because renewable energy sources tend to be intermittent. It’s common for their output not to meet their energy demand.

By storing excess energy that becomes available during peak hours, a Battery Energy Storage System location can ensure that energy will be available when needed most.

This type of load management serves a very important function by reducing grid energy demand during peak periods. This modality goes a long way to preventing blackouts and reducing the need for additional power generation infrastructure.

Additionally, load management helps reduce energy costs and improve grid stability.

There’s also been a trend toward the construction of BESS containers, normally referred to as modules. In the past, these these mini construction sheds were built similarly to how houses are built. It’s a method that incorporates on-site construction and folds all the costs of getting material and labor on-site.

However, BESS modules utilize container designs that are built at a manufacturing facility and then transported to the location for installation. This approach offers customization and scalability benefits.

BESS modules are also stackable and cost through reduced labor costs, material costs, and construction timelines because the construction of the containers takes place at the manufacturer’s facility.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Fundamentals of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), a 3-day course that covers a wide array of topics such as energy storage technology, energy storage system components, grid connection for utility-scale BESS projects, battery chemistry types and much more.

Fundamentals of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) training should be suitable for engineers, managers, supervisors as well as professional and technical personnel.

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