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Change Management Training

Change management training covers the knowledge and skills you require to deal with changes in your organization, as well as the notions, rationale, and methods associated with change management.

Change Management (CM) covers any method to transforming people, teams, and organizations through the approaches planned to re-direct the application of resources, business process, budget distributions, or other types of operation that considerably reform a corporate or organization. Organizational Change Management (OCM) covers the changes in the entire organization. Change management is a subcategory of Organizational Change Management principles and practices, which concentrates only on the personnel.

change management training

Change Management Key Principals

  • Considering the “human side” structurally
  • Beginning from the top
  • Including every layer
  • Establishing the official case
  • Creating ownership
  • Transferring the message
  • Analyzing the cultural landscape
  • Considering culture explicitly
  • Getting ready for the unexpected
  • Speak to the individual

Change Management Approach

  • Reasons for change
  • Change models and tools
    • John Kotter’s procedure for leading the change
    • Change management model
    • Deming Cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act
  • Deciding which changes to execute
  • Managing the change
  • Successful change management components

Change Management Challenges and Concerns

  • Integration, between strategic, social, and technical components
  • Navigation, which refers to managing change over time.
  • Human factors

During the change management training course, we will discuss all the above points, such as challenges, approach, etc.


Change Management Training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Senior leaders and executives
  • Strategic leaders
  • Vice presidents
  • Directors and administrative
  • Division managers
  • Team leaders
  • Mid-level, senior managers
  • Supervisors
  • Business owners

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics will be covered in this training (more details can be found HERE)

  • Overview of Change Management
  • Eight Phases of Successful Change Management
  • Communication Policy
  • Drivers of Change
  • Three Stages of Transitioning
  • Change Management Models
  • Organizational and Cultural Change Standards
  • Executing the Change in Corporation
  • TONEX Group Activity Sample: Shell’s Tough Love

Change Management Training

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