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Cloud adoption is growing.

A big benefit to organizations is that operating in the cloud has smaller recurring expenses as compared to one big capital expenditure. The cloud can also make capacity planning easier since adding and removing capacity is much easier.

But experts in cloud capacity planning say it’s crucial to take important steps to assure success. One prime consideration is to review workload analytics before moving workloads into the cloud. You especially need to analyze why workloads change. For instance, plans to add new customers can greatly impact capacity demands. Knowing these demands help companies prepare better cloud capacity plans.

It’s also key to have a clear understanding of what you will put in the cloud. While companies may eventually put everything in the cloud, it’s wiser to smart small as in just a few servers, systems and applications.

Important considerations:

  • A cloud migration needs to be locked down just as you would provide security measures for on-premise infrastructure.
  • Will potential cloud applications depend on an application you are keeping on premises?
  • Will refactoring be necessary if you have applications with a large memory requirement?
  • Do you want to move applications into the public cloud or the private cloud? The public cloud gives an organization greater availability, but the private cloud provides more control and flexibility.
  • External dependencies might also factor into your cloud capacity planning. For example, having an application dependent on a confidential data source or another cloud application.

Service level agreements (SLAs) also require consideration. Generally, SLAs are oriented toward avoiding downtown and ensuring continuous service delivery. Backups and recovery plans figure into this in the event of downtime.

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