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Cloud security is a collection of security measures designed to protect cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data.

These cloud security measures are meant to ensure user and device authentication, data and resource access control, and data privacy protection. They also support regulatory data compliance.

Cloud security is employed in cloud environments to protect a company’s data from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, malware, hackers, and unauthorized user access or use.

Cloud security is critical since most organizations are already using cloud computing in one form or another.

Consequently, IT professionals remain concerned about moving more data and applications to the cloud due to security, governance, and compliance issues when their content is stored in the cloud. They worry that highly sensitive business information and intellectual property may be exposed through accidental leaks or due to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

A crucial component of cloud security is focused on protecting data and business content, such as customer orders, secret design documents, and financial records.

Preventing leaks and data theft is critical for maintaining your customers’ trust and protecting the assets that contribute to your competitive advantage. Cloud security’s ability to guard your data and assets makes it crucial to any company switching to the cloud.

Maintaining a strong cloud security posture helps organizations achieve the now widely recognized benefits of cloud computing.

One of those benefits that effective cloud security protects is lower upfront costs. It’s widely recognized that with cloud computing, organizations don’t need to pay for dedicated hardware. Not having to invest in dedicated hardware helps organizations initially save a significant amount of money and they can also upgrade their security.

CSPs (cloud service providers) handle your security needs proactively once you’ve hired them. This helps you save on costs and reduce the risks associated with having to hire an internal security team to safeguard dedicated hardware.

A good cloud security program can also protect another huge benefit of cloud computing: greater ease of scaling.

Cloud computing allows organizations to scale with new demands, providing more applications and data storage whenever you need it.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Cloud Security Training Crash Course, a 3-day bootcamp style learning experiences that covers the essential elements of Cloud Security. This includes technical details on information, data, and storage security in the cloud. All aspects of authentication, confidentiality, integrity, availability and security risks and mitigations are also covered.

Bootcamps are ideal for busy professionals who want to stay current in their fields but have limited time to be away from the office.

Additionally, Tonex offers nearly three dozen more courses in Cybersecurity Foundation. This includes cutting edge courses like:

Cybersecurity Fundamentals (2 days)

Electric Grid Cybersecurity Master Certification (4 weeks)

Network Security Training (2 days)

Software Security Training (2 days)

ICS Cybersecurity Training (4 days)

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