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Despite investment in cybersecurity controls, the modern enterprise is still being breached.

That’s why many cybersecurity professionals believe a real-world cyber threat simulation exercise can help organizations better understand their exposures to security threats as well as understand their cybersecurity vulnerabilities up close and personal.

Computational models of cognitive processes may be employed in cybersecurity tools, experiments, and simulations to address human agency and effective decision-making in keeping computational networks secure.

Computer simulations are of great importance in the field of cybersecurity. Simulations are useful as components of network security software and in training exercises for security professionals, as well as software aids designed for network users.

Cognitive modeling can addresses multi-disciplinary cybersecurity challenges requiring cross-cutting approaches over the human and computational sciences, including:

  • Adversarial reasoning and behavioral game theory to predict attacker subjective utilities and decision likelihood distributions
  • Human factors of cyber tools to address human system integration challenges, estimation of defender cognitive states, and opportunities for automation
  • Dynamic simulations involving attacker, defender, and user models to enhance studies of cyber epidemiology and cyber hygiene
  • Training effectiveness research and training scenarios to address human cybersecurity performance, maturation of cybersecurity skill sets, and effective decision-making

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Cyber Threat Simulation Training, a 3-day course that covers principles of cyber threats, advanced cyber warfare and threat simulation principles. Cyber Threat Simulation Training is split into multiple parts consisting of basic cybersecurity, advanced cybersecurity, principles of cyber threat and hands-on threat simulation exercises. 

Additionally, Tonex offers nearly three dozen more courses in Cybersecurity Foundation. This includes cutting edge courses like:

Cybersecurity Fundamentals (2 days)

Electric Grid Cybersecurity Master Certification (4 weeks)

Network Security Training (2 days)

Software Security Training (2 days)

ICS Cybersecurity Training (4 days)

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