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There’s a call to action for cybersecurity leadership.

Organizations, agencies and governments are under siege with cyber-attacks on the increase resulting in lost revenues, eroding public confidence and stringent fines.

Consequently, today’s cybersecurity leaders must keep their pulse on a plethora of security initiatives, such as:

  • Data storage
  • Vulnerability management (VM)
  • Cloud-enabled solutions
  • Disaster recovers (DR)
  • Network systems security
  • Breach mitigation

The new information cybersecurity leader should understand that security transcends technology. Technology is the enabler to business yet security is the overarching business operations protection program.

Authorities in this area believe it’s crucial for future security leaders to effectively and efficiently integrate people, processes and leading-edge technologies to ensure a consistently relevant security posture for the business.

This, of course, requires business acumen and the ability to think critically to solve complex problems. In other words, the time is now for security leaders of tomorrow to approach security as a business problem first, followed by the supportive skill sets, business processes, and technologies required for securing the enterprise.

According to the Wall Street Journal, cybersecurity leaders are in high demand. Companies are paying higher salaries and in some cases giving more autonomy, to attract executives who manage data security

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