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Cybersecurity systems engineering is a sector with a very high need for qualitied cybersecurity systems engineers.

That should be no surprise considering rampaging IoT massive connectivity and associated risks brought on by security issues of IoT devices.

Unfortunately, because of the specialized skills in the field of cybersecurity systems engineering and the serious increase in cyber-attacks, organizations have been unable to keep up with demand for cybersecurity systems engineers due to a lack of qualified applicants.

A cybersecurity engineer generally has a whole litany of important responsibilities which vary from organization to organization. But it would not be unusual for a specialist in cybersecurity systems engineering to have job requirements, such as:

  • Develop cybersecurity concepts
  • Perform vulnerability analyses and TARAs (threat analysis and risk assessment)
  • Derive cybersecurity system requirements specifications and system architectures
  • Strongly interact with software development, hardware development, testing, and production to ensure a common understanding of the cybersecurity threats, risks, features, and a smooth implementation
  • Align with the global cybersecurity organization of Active Safety

In some organizations, a cybersecurity systems engineer is referred to as an information security engineer. But the job requirements are essentially the same, that is, to identify threats and vulnerabilities in systems and software, then apply their skills to developing and implementing high-tech solutions to defend against hacking, malware and ransomware, insider threats and all types of cybercrime.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Cybersecurity Systems Engineering courses cover cybersecurity fundamentals, relationship between cybersecurity and systems engineering, cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, malwares and cryptography as the system identification and exploration phase of systems engineering – and much more.

Cybersecurity systems engineering training provides you with an interdisciplinary approach of system engineering in order to achieve a secure information system in cyber world. These courses also help to relate the cybersecurity problems to the real world and to apply a systems engineering approach to satisfy the security of information technology.

Courses in Cybersecurity Systems Engineering include:

Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Systems Development (2 days)

ISO/SAE 21434 Training (3 days)

Cybersecurity Systems Engineering Training (3 days)

Communications Security Fundamentals (5 days)

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