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Satellites and space systems are part of the extended cyber ecosystem that need special layers of cybersecurity.

That’s because satellites and space systems pose unique cybersecurity challenges that add to their appeal as targets among cyber criminals.

Due to the reality that satellite operations are led by technologies that are housed on earth, those earth-bound entry points offer cyber attackers an enormous number of potential inroads for hacking. The vast number of entry points also compounds the difficulty of tracing and shutting down a cyber-attack.

Cybersecurity professionals report that the most significant weaknesses that is common to all satellite systems is the use of long-range telemetry for communication with ground stations. The uplinks and downlinks are often transmitted through open telecom network security protocols that are easily accessed by cybercriminals.

Additionally, IoT devices that utilize satellite communications pose more potential points of entry for those who specialize in cybercrimes.

Experts in satellite and space systems cybersecurity believe satellite ground stations are particularly vulnerable because if a cyber intruder is able to interrupt the satellite signal they may be able to gain access to any downstream systems connected to the satellite.

Consequently, an attacker could potentially trespass through an organization’s network starting from the infiltrated satellite ground station.

Cybersecurity solutions for satellite and space stations have been slow to materialize, but organizations may want to consider how the military protects its satellites. To protect the data they transmit, all military-grade satellite communications are subject to CSfC requirements, including dual tunnel encryption.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Cybersecurity Principles for Satellite and Space Systems, a 2-day interactive workshop designed to provide a unique learning experience on space and satellite vulnerabilities that are commonly exploited. Participants will discover techniques and strategies for integrating cybersecurity measures into space and SATCOM systems, networks, products and critical missions from the start.

This course is a knowledge-level course designed to provide a knowledge base of Cybersecurity applied to SATCOM. Lessons and exercises taught by subject matter experts will expand the student’s understanding of the space and radio frequency environments, capabilities and limitations of military and commercial SATCOM systems, threats to all segments of SATCOM, planning processes, cybersecurity attacks and mitigation techniques.

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