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6G for DoD

Defense technology is the intersection of commercial innovation and national security.

The origins of defense technology date back to World War II with breakthrough technology that we now know as electronic warfare.

The cutting edge technologies that are beginning to remake the business, culture, and lifestyle of so many civilians also present challenges to national security establishments. These groundbreaking technologies which the United States and its adversaries are preparing to militarize include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Directed energy
  • Autonomous weapons
  • Advanced robotics
  • 5G networks
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Quantum computing,
  • Bio-/neurotechnology

Today, defense technology along with science help to counter special threats such as terrorism that cannot be met by conventional warfighting forces, and they underpin the intelligence capabilities necessary to assess the dangers our nation faces.

The DoD also relies on science and technology to make advanced military systems more affordable through their entire life cycle. And by maintaining a close dialogue with the warfighters, the defense S&T community not only remains sensitive to user needs but also sensitizes the user to the possibilities that technology offers for responding to evolving threats.

Tonex offers over 14 dozen defense-oriented courses in our Defense Technology category. Many training programs, workshops and certificates are available in critical subject areas such as RF, antennas, radar EW, cybersecurity, to prepare you to protect and secure your organization’s assets.

Some of the popular courses and certificates include:

Military Supply Chain Management Training Boot Camp

Cybersecurity in the Defense Acquisition System

Certified SIGINT Engineer Training

Cognitive Electronic Warfare Essentials

Military Cultural Intelligence Training

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