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Advances in satellite communications technology also means that the entire planet can be connected – even in remote locations.

With no towers, no hard wires and no distinction between metropolitan markets and rural and isolated areas means more people around the globe will have access to broadband internet and therefore the global economy.

In other words, satellite communications utilization has become wide spread and ubiquitous. Most of us are touched by satellite communication in more ways than we realize. It is used across the globe for diverse applications like Television, Broadcasting, Digital Satellite News Gathering, Security, Defense and VSAT to exploit unique capabilities in terms of coverage and outreach.

This technology has matured substantially over past three decades and is being used on commercial basis for a large number of applications. 

This presents challenges, of course, for communications professionals who must take an even broader perspective on potential audiences and market opportunities while balancing global compassion and awareness.

The advantages of satellite communications over terrestrial communications are substantial:

  • The coverage area of a satellite greatly exceeds that of a terrestrial system.
  • Transmission cost of a satellite is independent of the distance from the center of the coverage area.
  • Satellite to Satellite communication is very precise.
  • Higher Bandwidths are available for use.

Consequently, the overall demand for satellite data is expected to grow annually at 30% between now and 2025. 

The global market for new launch technology for small satellites will be worth $35 billion over the next 20 years.

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