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DevOps Training Bootcamp Category: Systems Engineering

DevOps Training Bootcamp teaches you the concepts, philosophies, tools, methods, and best practices associated with DevOps in systems engineering. We will provide you with various leading Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Docker Deep Dive, Ansible etc.

DevOps training bootcamp will also help you See a business need for DevOps; find business value in DevOps; and comprehend DevOps principles.


DevOps Definition

The term DevOps was invented by Patrick Debois, in 2009. The word was constructed by integrating “development” and “operations,” which delivers a starting point to realize precisely what it means by “DevOps.” Particularly, you should know that DevOps by itself is not a process or a technology or a standard. Many supporters consider DevOps as a “culture”— the favorable phrase of New Relic. Also, some might use the term “DevOps movement” when discussing about the subjects such as adoption ratings and trends for the future and “DevOps environment” to discuss an IT organization that has deployed DevOps culture.

The Origin of DevOps

While there are tones of various mythical stories about the origins of DevOps, it was not coined out of uncut cloth. Instead, it was planted long ago and has been cultivated by advancing- thinking IT pros in a number of regulations. Some refer to if as DevOps a “perfect storm”, and there’s numerous evidence to support this term. The two main backgrounds of DevOps are:

  • Enterprise systems management (ESM)
  • Agile development

Why Should You Choose TONEX for Your DevOps Training?

  • Our instructors are master in systems engineering and DevOps
  • Course agenda is designed in a way to cover everything you need to implement DevOps in your organization
  • TONEX is flexible to modify the course content to fit the needs of your organization
  • Our DevOps training bootcamp gives you the opportunity of immediately experiencing what you are taught via labs, case studies, and hands-on workshops


DevOps Training Bootcamp is a 4-day course designed for:

  • Enterprise and solution architects
  • IT Leadership, operations, and infrustructure people
  • CIOs / CTOs
  • System administrators
  • Release engineers
  • Configuration managers
  • Developers and application team leads
  • Scrum pros
  • Software managers
  • IT project & program managers
  • Product managers

What Will You Learn?

  • DevOps Overview
  • Fundamentals of DevOps
  • Overview of Systems Engineering
  • The Cultural Aspects of DevOps
  • Executing the DevOps
  • The Cloud Platform
  • Operations
  • The Deployment Pipeline
  • Designing and Testing DevOps
  • DevOps Tooling
  • Plotting your development
  • Ansible Application in Configuration Management
  • Docker Deep Dive
  • Chef DevOps Deployment
  • Puppet DevOps Deployment
  • Jenkins and Automation
  • TONEX Hands-On Workshops and Case Study Samples

DevOps Training Bootcamp Category: Systems Engineering

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