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In manufacturing, Digital Twins can make a big difference in helping companies replicate their Golden Batch or Run.

Digital Twin technology enables comparing products and their manufacturing conditions which can help identify why some batches have more variability, defects, or inefficiencies. Ultimately, these insights can help organizations repeat their best runs or the “golden batch.”

In manufacturing, Digital Twins can be built for assets, specific production lines, by end product, or for any other “real world” scenario within a production process.

Using a Digital Twin enables you to merge the physical and digital worlds. Digital Twins are used for simulation and operational phases of a product or process lifecycle. Regardless of how you build a Digital Twin, the overall outcome is having a digital representation that you can use to gain more knowledge and deeper visibility into your production.

In manufacturing, every product produced and every process executed is unique. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of key input variables to describe products, assets, entire lines, and processes.

Regarding manufacturing operations, a Digital Twin is a dynamic replica that is designed to capture, map, and structure process variables into a continuously updated database. This database can be accessed and used across the organization.

By making this data more readily available in a digital environment, teams can use data in other applications, models, or third-party programs to make meaningful discoveries.

Additionally, the use of digital twins in manufacturing empower operators to continuously monitor processes and systems to evaluate the most efficient methods. If the production flow isn’t operating at the ideal capacity, a digital twin will immediately reveal opportunities for improvement.

By increasing production efficiency, digital twins help smart manufacturers reach their sustainability goals by reducing energy and material consumption.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Digital Twins in Manufacturing, a 2-day course where participants learn the principles of Digital Twins and how it relates to integration of Digital Engineering, modeling and simulations, AI/ML, 3D and integration for service and product-related data and systems.

Learn how Digital Twins can help in the manufacturing sector. Also learn how a Digital Twin creates the virtual model of physical entity in digital way, promotes the interaction and integration of physical world and information world, and builds a reliable bridge for industrial information integration.

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