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Analysts claim the top new technologies organizations need to be following judiciously are artificial intelligence, machine learning, 6G, virtual reality and digital twins.

Digital twins are especially important as their use case applications seem to increase almost daily across numerous sectors.

For example, digital twin technology has enormous upside in the aviation industry. Manufacturers of aviation components are now turning to utilizing digital twins to aid their production. This has become an enormous cost-savings measure. Through creating a digital twin, the engineer does not need to rely so heavily on probability and can instead turn to virtual model.

One major concern with this has been ensuring that the digital twin is accurate. This concern has now been resolved with sensors installed on the physical engine to collect data which is then fed back into the digital twin in real time.

The sensors allow the virtual twin to operate in the virtual world exactly how the physical engine would operate on-wing.

This digital twin process is now being used to simulate a variety of circumstances which manufacturers would not wish to replicate on-board. This is important because the digital twin process produces insights into the engine not previously possible.

When Boeing turned to digital twin technology, it saw a 40% improvement in first-time quality of parts, so there’s also a safety benefit of using digital twin technology in aviation.

Digital twin technology is also being used to create models of physical airport environments. Studies show that this usage of digital twins is helping to optimize operations, costs and passenger experience.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Digital Twin Training for Aviation Industry, a 2-day course where participants learn the principles of Digital Twins technology and how it relates to integration of Digital Engineering, modeling and simulations, AI/ML, 3D and integration for service and product-related data and systems.

Learn about Digital Twins for managing aircrafts, airports, communications weather issues, natural disasters and other key functions.

Additionally learn about managing aviation infrastructure, assets, people and procedures.

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