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It’s becoming increasingly clear that digital twins and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies work well together.

In 2024 and beyond, experts in these fields predict the empowering of digital twins with AI.

As it stands now, digital twins can benefit from AI/ML algorithms in regards to:

  • Assessing the performance of visualizations
  • The constant collection and analyzing of data
  • Simulation and accurately predicting

Specific AI applications include generative AI as in ChapGPT, which creates images, texts and codes to aid content writers, developers and artists. It’s generally felt that advancements in generative AI techniques may impact digital twin models since the technology can describe physical objects and explain how things work.

Another AI application with digital twin implications is synthetic data generation. Automatically generated synthetic data will provide visual effects, 3D environments and games to train complex vision systems and improve digital twins.

Sustainability is another end game predicted for digital twins technology.

It’s already been shown how digital twins technology can ensure compliance with sustainability goals for specific industries like manufacturing, supply chain and construction. A recent survey reveals that almost 60% of organizations consider digital twin technology an important tool for improving sustainability.

And that’s not surprising considering that digital twins can be extremely useful at determining the behavior and relationship of things such as the impact of earthquakes on foundation or the analysis and forecasting of financial/environmental project outcomes.

Additionally, digital twins can also monitor and optimize energy consumption as well as make environmentally friendly decisions by evaluating the sustainability of materials used in production.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Fundamentals of Digital Twins, a 2-day course that covers the key principles of digital twins and how it relates to integration of digital engineering, modeling and simulations, AI/ML, 3D and integration for service and product-related data and systems.

Tonex also offers more specialized courses in digital twins technology, such as:

Digital Twins for the Military

Fundamentals of Digital Twins for Solar Plants

6G AI & Digital Twins

Digital Twins in Manufacturing

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