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The general consensus is that Electronic Warfare (EW) is reemerging in military operations, adding a new domain for battle.

Advanced technology is also pushing advances in EW. For example, Soldiers with 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, recently tested software that runs the Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool (EWPMT) at Fort Carson, Colorado.

It is a command-and-control planning tool that lets allows users to visualize the potential effects of electronic warfare in the field and chart courses of action to prevent jammed capabilities.

What that means for the soldiers is a way to see the invisible threats of EW and also put out their own “non-kinetic” effects on the enemy.

As a planner, EWPMT enables you to visualize my effects in the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). The modeling and simulation tools EWPMT provides enables soldiers to position Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) systems onto the optimal piece of terrain on the battlefield.

When the unit moves from planning to operations, soldier transfer from nonlethal to lethal fires.

The Army has been the first to demonstrate the ability to remotely control electronic warfare sensors through an over-the-air data link and feed the information back to a central battle management tool.

Earlier test versions of the EWPMT were wired to the device, making for difficult field operations when compared to remote abilities.

Over the past several years, the Pentagon has been aggressively implementing major provisions of its recently completed Electronic Warfare (EW) strategy by working closely with the military services to accelerate development of a wide range of EW weapons and technologies designed to meet fast-emerging, near-peer threats in the electromagnetic spectrum.

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