July 8, 2013 @ 2:00 pm – July 9, 2013 @ 9:00 pm
Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica
Howard Gottlieb
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Today’s technology is limitless, and with evolving trends, Voice over Internet Protocol has been conceived and has changed the way that people communicate with one another. Tonex offers VOIP training courses for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and government agencies. Our training seminars are of the highest quality, specifically designed by experts in the respective field.

Why Choose Tonex?

What makes Tonex the best choice for a Voice Over IP Training course? First, our workshops are flexible and can be tailored to fit the individual needs of your business. From multimillion organizations to privately owned business, our VOIP courses are adaptable. Furthermore, our course offerings are always up to date. We take the time to review our topics, reading materials and activities to ensure they are not just keeping up with the trends but exceeding them as well.

Our Course Structure

When taking VOIP training courses with Tonex, participants will follow the same format. Although our classes are highly flexible, we have a proven teaching model that has enabled participants to grasp the material and apply it in real-world contexts in a much easier fashion.

For instance, our classes start off with an in-depth overview, which is then expanded on during the base of the course. As we move along, participants engage in interactive learning and hands-on activities. We also use fun storytelling tactics to make the information relatable and memorable. Your business is putting time and money into our Voice Over IP training course, and we want your employees to leave with a changed attitude.

Our Training Programs

In addition to our highly popular Voice Over IP courses, we also have many other telecom workshops that focus on the following:

• Information technology • Systems engineering • Software engineering • Wireless engineering • Security • Mobile applications • Power and energy • Global training

Get started with our VOIP training courses by browsing our catalog of seminars. We can assure you that our training will get your employees up-to-date on the latest trends and offer new and innovative changes in the workplace.

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