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While a pure standalone (SA) version of 5G has yet to be released, the potential impact on our way of life will likely be significant.

An important thing to remember is that the impact of 5G will not be limited to networking. New technologies will evolve with the deployment of 5G.

Industrial automation, for example, will be greatly enhanced by SA 5G. It’s likely that every automated industry will set up its own private 5G wireless network for addressing bandwidth needs and connecting industrial devices over the network.

Advanced features such as cobotics can only be managed with a mature 5G Local Area Network (LAN). Cobotics is the concept of humans and machines coworking. However, implementing advanced cobotics requires human detection, a machine-vision real-time video stream, exceptionally low latency and assurances of safety.

Since mature standalone 5G networks should be able to support the real-time control of hundreds of thousands of devices within every square kilometer, manufacturing has a dramatic potential to become more efficient and significantly increase production.

Consequently, the impact of 5G on cobotics, racking systems, and production systems can revolutionize industrial automation. Interestingly, implementing 5G in industrial automation will not require any significant alterations to the current infrastructure.

Standalone 5G is also expected to greatly impact public safety. In fact, most experts in this area believe with a full-featured 5G network, security systems will enter a new era of communication equipped with millions of sensors that will locate emergencies with real-time data, which will dramatically improve response time.

As way of example, imagine a fire just starting in a forest. 5G-loaded sensors could respond by deploying an automated water system. If the emergency is beyond the automated system’s control, the automated system could launch a warning at the fire station or to the local public. If the fire is in a remote area, real-time Ultra High Definition (UHD) video streaming will be possible via drones.

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