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Human Factors in System Design Training Course

Human Factors in System Design Training

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Human Factors in System Design Training is a two-day training workshop focuses on the use and impact of human factors in engineering and system design methods.

Learn how to identify and mitigate system engineering and design problems. Basic principles and a variety of human factors tools are discussed and demonstrated through hands-on exercises and examples.

As modern system delivery processes and technologies become increasingly complex, human factors in system design  has proven a powerful approach for proactively reducing system risks and failures. These methods can be applied to a range of safety and reliability improvement efforts, such as identifying design flaws, enhancing human-technology interaction, evaluating design solutions, designing less error-prone processes , and improving the quality of root-cause analyses.

Topics Covered

  • The importance of human factors in engineering and system design
  • Introduction to system design and human factors
  • Overview and application areas
  • A systems approach to investigating and mitigating errors associated with system reliability, safety and security
  • Human factors impact on performance and safety
  • Eliminating/mitigating hazards through human factors
  • Implementation and sustainability engineering and design issues
  • Methodologies, interviews, observations, task analysis, usability testing, hazard identification and analysis, and more

Workshop topic and learning objectives:

  • Analyze and model human factors in engineering and system design
    Recognize and explain how human factors can be used within high-risk engineering projects and system design
  • Apply human factors methods to proactively identify contributing factors of failed systems
  • Plan an approach to fix the identified factors in the failed engineering and system design
  • Reduce human errors and improving organizational performance

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