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Introduction to DoDAF Training

Introduction to DoDAF training course provides a comprehensive training about the concepts, background, principals, and techniques of DoDAF, its viewpoints, models, and DM2.

6G for DoD

What is Enterprise Architecture (EA)

EA is a useful approach to execute enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation in order to develop and execute strategies successfully.

As the term implies, EA adopts the principals and approaches of architecture to navigate organizations through the changes in business, information, process, and technology required to execute their policies and strategies. Such approaches use different features of an enterprise to identify, encourage, and accomplish these changes.

What is DoDAF?

DoDAF stands for the Department of Defense Architecture Framework. DoDAF is an architecture framework developed by the United States Department of Defense that proposes a special framework to a certain stakeholder concern through various viewpoints and models.

Learn About

  • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • DoDAF AV
  • DoDAF OV
  • DoDAF SV
  • DoDAF TV
  • EA and DoDAF
  • DoDAF 1.5 and DoDAF 2
  • DoDAF 1.5 views
  • DoDAF 2 background
  • DoDAF 2 viewpoints and models
  • “Fit-for-Purpose” views
  • What strategies drive the DoDAF standards
  • DoDAF 1.5 products


  • Introduction to DoDAF training is in a lecture-practice framework
  • It’s fun, in the form of an interactive workshop

The main portion of the course is dedicated to hands-on activities, exercising with real-life examples, and eventually developing a DoDAF model in class


Introduction to DoDAF training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • System engineers and architects
  • Software engineers and architects
  • Enterprise architects
  • Executives and leaders
  • Managers
  • CIO’s managers
  • Senior IT managers
  • IT engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Business and systems analysts
  • Senior analysts
  • Project managers
  • Vendors and developers

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics are covered by introduction to DoDAF training (more details can be found under the full course description):

  • Overview
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • Version 1.5 View
  • All View (AV)
  • Operational View (OV)
  • Systems View
  • Technical Standard Views
  • DoDAF 2.0 Viewpoints
  • DoDAF 2.0 Background
  • DoDAF 2.0 Vision
  • DoDAF 2.0 Guidelines
  • Architectural Resources
  • DoDAF 2.0 vs. DoDAF 1.5
  • DoDAF 2.0 Relationships to Other Frameworks and References
  • TONEX Hands-On Workshop Sample

Introduction to DoDAF Training

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