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Cybersecurity testing and evaluation (T&E) has become an essential element of an organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy.

Foremost, cybersecurity testing gives an organization a heads up on the efficiency of its cybersecurity efforts. Additionally, cybersecurity test and evaluation provides these benefits:

It’s commonly accepted that cybercriminals use different campaigns based on the industry they’re targeting and their overall goal. Consequently, organizations have to cover much less space than they may initially think.

By learning the most common cyber-attacks the industry faces, the organizations can better prepare itself to stop those attacks and find out where its strategy is weak.

Cybersecurity testing uses multiple methodologies and tactics to measure how effective your cybersecurity strategy is against a potential attack. There are many different types of cybersecurity tests available to help an organization better evaluate the effectiveness of its cybersecurity efforts.

A penetration test, for example, helps identify hidden vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, applications, people and processes.

Web application testing is a special form of pen testing that assesses the security of web applications in order to identify vulnerabilities such as authentication, input validation and session management flaws.

Then there’s red team operations (white hat) testing where cyber professionals try to hack into your organizations cyber systems in order to detect vulnerabilities. In an intelligence-led Red Team Operation, experts replicate modern adversarial techniques to test a company’s or agency’s ability to detect and respond to a simulated cyber-attack.

Another important cybersecurity assessment testing involves social engineering. This cybersecurity test evaluates how your employees react to social engineering attempts by commissioning a simulated phishing assessment that leverages real-world approaches.

And yet another popular cybersecurity test is the vulnerability assessment. This test is intended to improve the effectiveness of your security management programs by scanning an organization’s network to identify common weaknesses in the network infrastructure.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation (T&E) Training, a two-day course where participants learn about different phases of risk management framework and different phases of T&E from characterizing the cyber-attack surface to vulnerability detection and adversarial assessment.

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