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Organizations are increasingly recognizing that to be competitive they must invest in leadership and management development.

Over the past two decades, leaders and their organizations have witnessed major changes in the work environment including advances in technology, increased globalization, important changes in the dynamics of careers and changing organizational structures.

Organizational capability at a management level in an organization is considered essential to improve competitiveness and ensure future growth. Organizations taking a proactive and systematic approach to management and leadership development generally produce more leadership talent.

Today the most outstanding corporations are characterized by the intensity and quality of their management and leadership development interventions. They do as much of the same as other firms but perform it with greater rigor and consistency.

Consequently, an increasingly number of organizations are emphasizing the need for leadership development programs. The reason behind this is that it benefits the firm as well as the employees, making it a win-win situation for both parties.

To create an effective leadership program, companies need to ensure that the essential elements are included. Common ingredients found in an effective leadership development program include:

  • Identify and Define – Organizations must first recognize the leadership needs including both short-term and long-term strategic goals as well as considering leadership traits that are critical to the organization.
  • Focus on Development – And effective leadership program should include activities that encourage employees to grow and learn.
  • Potential Leaders Being Identified – Work efficiency isn’t the only criteria for leadership and management development. So it is essential that organizations focus equally on all participants. This can help identify employees who possess good leadership skills.
  • Track Progress – It’s important for a company to have goals that need to be achieved in order to make the implementation of a leadership program successful.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Leadership and Management Development, a 2-day course that helps participants build their own style of management while learning how to motivate team members toward organizational goals without directing them.

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Other Training categories include:

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