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Leadership and Management Development Training By TONEX

The leadership and management development training course is designed to teach you how to win your team over to your goals without directing them.

Traditionally, it was believed that leadership is in people’s blood and it is something people either do or do not have when they are born, just as people are not all born with the talent or passion to play basketball like Michael Jordan. However, at TONEX, we believe leadership is a skill that can be learnt and improved through proper education and sufficient experience. While we also agree that some people are born leaders, like all geniuses in music, sports, arts, etc, we strongly believe that normal people also can develop leadership skills and become a successful leader, just as tons of successful musicians in the world who learn music by training. In the leadership and management development training course, we help you recognize and fix your lack of leadership skills, while we assist you to strengthen your strong leadership characteristics at the same time.

If you look at successful leaders in history, you would notice that they never tell their team what to do. Instead, they engage their team and help them reach their goals on their own. Good leaders know that effective management brings inspiration and motivation to the team. This might sound easy to do, but inspiring people when they are under pressure or when they do not see results right away is not an easy task to do. It takes great efforts and special techniques and strategies to keep a team motivated when the situation is harsh. The leadership and management development training course helps you develop such skills and traits.

Leadership development has recently attracted so much attention that an annual event platform, named LEAD, is dedicated to it. LEAD uses world class speakers, such as Bill Clinton, to spread their message globally. Such growing attention to leadership development is because corporates, companies, governmental or non-profit organization, and even sport-team owners are now aware that personal characteristics and traits of a leader can significantly push people forward or hinder them or drastically pull them back. At TONEX, our experienced instructors will assist you develop what you need to push your team and organization through the challenges and difficulties to accomplish the desired goals. We help you identify what can hold your team back and how you can cope with it.

Leadership development is also crucial to take control of your team in today’s business world. While experience plays a great role in developing leadership personality of individuals, class-room training and education is as necessary. And that is why, according to the American Society of Training and Development, U.S. businesses spend nearly $170 Billion dollars on leadership training courses. That being said, Forbes, on DEC 19 2012, published 20 reasons why trainings have failed in developing successful leaders:

“1. Training blends to a norm

  1. Training focuses on technique/content/curriculum
  2. Training tests patience
  3. Training focuses on the present
  4. Training adheres to standards
  5. Training is transactional
  6. Training focuses on maintenance
  7. Training focuses on the role
  8. Training indoctrinates
  9. Training maintains status quo
  10. Training stifles culture
  11. Training encourages compliance
  12. Training focuses on efficiency
  13. Training focuses on problems
  14. Training focuses on reporting lines
  15. Training places people in a box
  16. Training is mechanical
  17. Training focuses on the knowns
  18. Training places people in a comfort zone
  19. Training is finite”

At TONEX, we always do our best to avoid such failures. We tailor our materials based on your needs. We move beyond norms and focus on people instead of techniques. We evaluate the present but focus on the future. Instead of sticking with standards, we try to maximize the potentials. We do not focus on maintenance, we consider maintenance but focus on growth. We train you to use what the known to prepare for the unknown. And finally, our training is infinite. Our instructors are being continuously trained to stay updated in order to provide an extraordinary training to their students. All of these efforts make TONEX an exceptional training institute.

Among all the leadership-development elements, there are four major principals which play essential roles in this field:

I) Experimental learning which include the four stages of learning stated by David A Kolb as (1) concrete experience; (2) observation and reflection; (3) forming abstract concept; and (4) testing

II) Self efficiency which reflects a person’s belief about their capabilities of performing their job

III) Visioning which is necessary to build a clear image of the future goals of the organization

IV) Attitude which obviously reflects a leader’s personality

At TONEX, we believe all of the above key components can be improved through proper training and we make sure our trainees will receive all education they need to master in these items.

As you may already know, successful leaders are expected to navigate the team through the continuously changing landscape of business world. As a leader, you are expected to be able to overcome challenges and capitalize on new opportunities. At TONEX, we understand how challenging and difficult sometimes this can be and we are committed to make it less frustrating to you. Leadership and management development training course also helps you develop skills by which you can influence your team members, peers, and superiors to accomplish the goals you have in mind.

Leadership is a complex process, which requires multiple skills and attributes. Leadership and management development training course helps you learn such traits. This course helps you build your own style of leadership.

Who Should Attend?

The leadership and management development training is a 2-day course designed for

  • Deans, directors, and department heads
  • Team leaders, project managers, middle managers, supervisors, executives and team members and all the individuals who are or will be managing others
  • Corporate, division, or organizational level executives, managers, leaders and high potentials with leadership responsibility who influence both the day to day and the strategic decisions of the organization and those who want to enhance their leadership effectiveness.

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics will be covered by this course (more details can be found under the full course description):

  • Overview of Leadership And Management Development
  • Introduction To Effective Leadership
  • The Nature of Management
  • Leadership And Management
  • Managerial Traits and Skills
  • Basic Leadership Skills
  • Advanced Leadership Skills
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Culture and Leadership
  • Final Thoughts on Leadership


Leadership and Management Development

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