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Most experts in leadership and digital transformations believe transforming an organization starts with transforming its leaders.

A big part of that is for organizations to understand that leadership for the digital era is not just about technology. Leadership for the digital era is about using digital technologies to create organizational value. Leadership in the digital era is also about being able to see opportunities and seize them, about being able to adapt and change in a rapidly changing digital world.

One often overlooked skill leaders require in the digital era is to be a catalyst.

This is quite a different focus from the past when leaders were expected to be expert planners. In the digital era, companies face a more dynamic competitive environment – one that is not always so apparent with everything from virtual reality and digital twins to AI applications involved in growing commerce.

There’s that and the complexity and quickness associated with technological advances. All of it equates to the need for organizations and their leaders to be more iterative than in the past.

Analysts put it this way: Leaders will be blindsided if they continue to rely on past experience or expertise when making decisions in the digital era.

Working with an outside-in perspective can help leaders today as can a more holistic approach as well as being open to unexpected new developments in applications, software and hardware.

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