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For society at large, innovation is a key driver of economic growth.

Many experts in leadership believe that roughly 70% of a company’s innovation resources should be aimed at incremental innovation of the core business, 20% to innovation that helps expand that core, and 10% to breakthrough innovation that can transform the future of the company.

It’s important for an organization’s leaders – from the CEO to team managers – to recognize that innovation figures in many different arenas in helping a company meet its goals.

For example, innovation goes a long way to solving problems. Every business encounters certain problems that require creative or innovative thinking to resolve. Somethings thinking outside the box is the only way to find an answer that makes your business better.

Innovation can also help spike productivity. When employees and leaders start to feel bogged down and struggle to get everything done, that’s a good time to consider tapping into a new process. Thinking creatively can help with determining what things to streamline and what things to cut out.

Successful leaders are the power and intellect behind their organizations. They are the visionaries charged with steering their brand around pitfalls. They must know when to seize opportunities and how to rally employees to work hard toward their company’s goals.

Effective leaders transcend the title of “manager” or “boss.” They have found a way to achieve the right combination of charisma, enthusiasm and self-assurance, probably with a healthy dose of luck and timing.

In addition to recognizing innovation, one of the most important but overlooked core traits of a successful leader is acting strategically.

A forward-thinking, open-minded approach is necessary for today’s leaders. According to a Harvard Business Publishing report, leaders must always be prepared to adjust their strategies to capture emerging opportunities or tackle unexpected challenges.

Experts in this area believe that it’s possible to push along strategic thinking in several ways, such as:

  • Staying positive regardless of the situation
  • Trying new approaches and ideas
  • Being flexible in your mindset
  • Being curious
  • Having a genuine interest in your company and its industry
  • Focusing on the future
  • Always thinking about your company’s operational conditions

Especially in today’s digital business environment, someone who can think and act strategically proves that they are committed to their company’s operations and goals.

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