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Leading High Performance Teams Training

Leading high performance teams training teaches you to develop essential competencies including improving self-understanding, evaluating the effectiveness of others, team constructing, leadership, encouragement, and conflict resolution.

Leading high performance teams is a target that all project leaders can accomplish.  High performance teams come from a mindful effort to construct trust and the performances and competencies required to solve problems cooperatively.

This hands-on training is created based on the idea that all projects achieved via the concerted, synchronized work of teams of people.  Regardless if the teams are part-time volunteers or highly-talented professionals, their efficiency and success is significantly impacted by the relationships inside the team and their capability to operate as a cohesive unit. This training not only delivers a vision of a high performance team, but also particular standards every team leader can follow to enhance their team’s behavior.

Project teams have a specific challenge: they gather for a temporary task in which they deal with a special problem. Successful teams construct a positive team culture and collaborate to solve problems, even during conflicts. Leading high performance teams training provides you with proven communication methods, describes leadership styles, and details team building rules within the context of the project environment.

The Leading high performance teams course is a combination package of lectures, discussions, and exercises; participants learn the concepts and philosophies behind the managing teams. We make adequate role- playing and practical learning to help participants adopt the skills more rapidly.

Leading high performance teams is a very attainable goal. It needs a full comprehension of the characteristics of high performance, and a strong understanding of the steps to put those in action.

How Can You Benefit From Leading High Performance Teams Training?

  • Improve team performance by enhancing unity and collaboration
  • Prevent expensive delays due to unsettled issues and conflicts
  • Identify and prevent problems before they occur
  • Enhance the bottom line by engaging people to cooperate quickly
  • Create permanent relationships that team members can bring forward to future projects


Leading high performance teams training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Team leaders
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Senior, mid-level, and junior managers
  • All individuals involved in team activities in various fields of engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, quality, marketing, and finance functions in ground vehicle OEMs and suppliers.

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of Leading High Performance Teams
  • Initiating a Project Team
  • Constructing a High-Performing Team
  • Accomplishing High Performing Team Dynamics
  • High-Performance Team Leadership
  • Creating a High Team Performance Management Culture and Vision
  • Leading Project Teams from Long distance
  • Making Effective Decisions
  • Sound Facilitation
  • TONEX Case Study Sample: Unit-Based High Performance Team

Leading High Performance Teams Training

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