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Link 16 Training for Managers

Link 16 training for managers focuses on training managers to comprehend the concepts behind Link-16, how it operates, and the techniques associated with it.

Link 16 is a strategic data exchange network applied in military and used by US, NATO and the other nations approved the International Program Office (IPO). Link 16 belongs to the category of Tactical Data Links (TDLs), through which several military platforms can exchange data in real time. Link 16 provides two networks of digital voice per each combination; 2.4 kbit/s and/or 16 kbit/s.

Link 16 Platforms

  • Aircrafts
  • Ships
  • Ground vehicles
  • Missile defense
  • Networked weapons
  • Command and control


Various networking systems have been created and constructed over many years to cover TADIL communications, or the near-real-time data exchange between tactical data platforms. Each of these systems is unique in regards to the hardware/software characteristics used including waveform, modulation, data rates, transmission media, as well as by message and procedure standards. The most updated system is the JTIDS/TADIL J system, which is known as Link 16 in the United States. Link 16 is an encrypted, jam-resistant, node-less TDL network approved by JTIDS-compatible communication terminals that send and receive messages in the TADIL J message set.

Link 16 supports a set of combat data in near-real time to the combat aircrafts and C2 centers of the U.S. and NATO associates. The presented data contains an incorporated air picture with two friendly and hostile locations for the aircraft, overall situational data, and intensifying data on air and ground targets, including air defense threats. This would involve the unified control of fighters by the controllers either on ground or in the air and will substantially enhance the fighters’ situational information and capability to decide if they want to engage targets designated by controllers or to avoid threats, thus increasing mission success and decreasing attrition.


Link-16 training for managers is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Operation managers
  • Engineering managers
  • Designing team managers
  • Project and product managers

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of Link 16
  • Link 16 Dynamic Network Management
  • MIDS/Link 16 Operational Functions
  • Fundamental Link 16 Management Applications
  • Architecture
  • Operations
  • Terminals and Features
  • Time Division Manifold Admission Architecture Management
  • Link 16 Spectrum Operations Management
  • Link 16 Network Management
  • Variable Message Format (VMF) Management
  • The Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS) Management
  • Joint Range Extension Application Protocol (JREAP) Management
  • Fifth Generation Plane Management
  • TONEX Link 16 Case Study Sample: MIDS Program

Link 16 Training for Managers

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