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LTE Fundamentals Training

LTE Fundamentals Training, Long-Term Evolution (LTE) fundamentals covers LTE fundamentals training, the next step in the GSM and UMTS evolutionary path beyond 3G technology. LTE is the dominant global standard for 4G mobile networks today. LTE/EPC is the first generation of cellular networks using a flat IP architecture supporting a wide range of different services, such as broadband data, voice, and video.

LTE’s key design uses many of the key innovative digital communication technologies, such as OFDMA (orthogonal frequency division multiple access), Single Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access (SC-FDMA), and MIMO (multiple input multiple output).

LTE Fundamentals Training explains the concept ideas and technology defined in 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE). LTE Fundamentals Training covers many aspects of LTE, both RAN technologies used for radio communication between the eNodeB and the mobile device, and the techniques used in the evolved packet core (EPC).
LTE Fundamentals Training is aimed at professionals, who want a good overview of LTE and related technologies, and to understand what LTE is and how it works.

LTE Fundamentals Training book focuses on LTE with the latest updates including LTE-Advanced (Release-11) to provide a complete picture of the LTE standards and its evolution. Learn about the latest LTE radio architecture, standards, interfaces, radio spectrum, RF characteristics, LTE security, QoS and  system performance.
Get a complete update to the latest 3GPP Release-11 including HetNet, small cells/heterogeneous deployments, CoMP, Inter-site coordination, Machine-type-communication, multi-antenna transmission, and, Device-to-device communication.

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