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LTE Operations and Management Training

LTE Operations and Management Training is an advanced 2-day course. For course details, CLICK here.

Learn about 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) operations and management challenges and mitigation techniques and tools:

  • Advanced LTE features
  • LTE Operations and Management
  • 4G LTE Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Monitoring end-to-end LTE performance across complex network architectures
  • LTE public safety management
  • Ensuring LTE services are aligned with speed, performance, and overall mobile experience
  • Managing challenges with Monitoring 4G LTE Infrastructure
  • LTE service delivery assurance
  • LTE network and service KPIs
  • LTE Real-Time Performance Data
  • Manage end-to-end LTE network capacity, security and QoS
  • Manage and optimize network capacity for LTE, backhaul, and IMS e


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