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Microgrid Systems Engineering Training Course

Microgrid systems engineering training course helps you to understand a systems engineering approach to model, operate and troubleshoot microgrids. This training provides you with comprehensive information about microgrid components, systems engineering structure in microgrid modeling, operation of microgrids in systems engineering point of view, and energy management systems for microgrid applications.


With the massive increase in microgrid projects around the world, it is needed for any individual to understand the microgrids, their operation, main components and troubleshooting tools in order to have an efficient power supply. As a microgrid is an engineering system, systems engineering approach can help individuals to understand systems engineering process for microgrids, application of systems engineering in microgrids or successful implementation of microgrids from engineering point of view.

Microgrid systems engineering training develops basic knowledge of systems engineering, main components of a system, concept of subsystem and processes needed for any engineering systems. Furthermore, this training especially considers microgrid as a system and apply systems engineering concepts in order to model and operate microgrids.

TONEX has served the industry and academia with high quality conferences, seminars, workshops, and exclusively designed courses in power system and systems engineering areas for decades. We will help you to understand concept of microgrids from systems engineering point of view through simple examples and hands on training.

Our instructors at TONEX will help you to understand the: concepts of systems engineering, concept of microgrids, systems engineering approach applied to microgrids, microgrid as a system, state the problems related to traditional power systems, microgrid as an alternative, microgrid model components, integrating the system as a microgrid, system/microgrid operation, microgrid performance, energy management in microgrids, microgrid system analysis and control, microgrid planning, organizing and managing.

Learn about basics of microgrids, main components of a microgrid such as solar panels, wind farms, loads or energy storage systems. Moreover, learn about basics of systems engineering, concept of system, concept of subsystem and main processes in systems engineering applications.

You will also learn about problems related to traditional power systems based on natural resources and will figure out why clean energy is in demand these days. Moreover, our instructors at TONEX will help you to understand motivation of microgrids in power generation systems and necessity of systems engineering approach in designing or analyzing microgrids.

By taking microgrid systems engineering, you will learn about operation of energy storage, control of power electronic converters in microgrids, lower level control of microgrids, concept of SCADA, energy management system (EMS), microgrid operators and economic dispatch in microgrids.

This course also helps you to understand:

  • Components of systems engineering approach
  • Systems engineering architecture
  • DC/AC or hybrid microgrids
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Centralized and decentralized microgrid controllers
  • Microgrid systems
  • Microgrid performance
  • Microgrid tests
  • Microgrid cost and scheduling
  • Distribution Energy Resources (DERs)
  • System level qualities in microgrids
  • Microgrid reliability
  • Smart grid technologies
  • Active and passive filtering in microgrids
  • Dynamic and static loads
  • Smart houses
  • Integrating high voltage DC (HVDC) into microgrids
  • Offshore wind farm and solar panel integration
  • Operating modes of microgrids
  • Grid connected microgrid
  • Islanded microgrid
  • Power quality in microgrids
  • Reliability of microgrids
  • Distribution network operator (DNO)
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary controller in microgrids
  • Microgrid generation/operation planning

Microgrid systems engineering training also provides you with a lot of hands on experiences and workshops and design tools to give you real-world microgrid application training experience.


Microgrid systems engineering training is a 4-day course designed for:

  • System engineers, system managers or product managers working on microgrids
  • Engineering managers, business analysts, or system architects of microgrid area
  • Design engineers, project engineers and industrial engineers having projects in microgrid area
  • All professionals in the area of microgrids
  • Non-engineers looking to understand new approaches in microgrids
  • Individuals who are looking for technical training of microgrids
  • Executives and managers who are looking to invest in microgrid area
  • Investors and contractors who plan to make investments in microgrid or renewable energy industry.
  • Technicians, operators, and maintenance personnel who are or will be working on microgrid projects

What Will You Learn?

Below are the main topics covered by microgrid systems engineering training:

  • Introduction to Systems Engineering
  • Introduction to Microgrids
  • Systems Engineering Approach Applied to Microgrids
  • Definition of Microgrid as a System
  • State the Problem Related to Traditional Power Systems
  • Microgrid as an Alternative
  • Microgrid Model Components
  • Integrating the System as a Microgrid
  • System Operation/ Microgrid Operation
  • Microgrid Performance
  • Microgrid Energy Management
  • Microgrid System Analysis and Control
  • Microgrid Planning, Organizing and Managing
  • Hands On, Workshops and Group Activities
  • Sample Workshops and Labs for Software Testing Training


Microgrid Systems Engineering Training Course

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