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Military OCD ConOps Training

Military Operational Capability Concept Training is a 5-day bootcampstyle covering Operational Concept and capability description, ConOps and requirements description and documentation.

  • Learn about DoD and NASA’s best practices and standard Systems Engineering and Acquisitin procedures
  • Develop system operational concepts to support new capabilities
  • prepare specification and development of systems including DoD’s Data Item Descriptions (DIDs), and NASA’s Data Requirements Documents (DRDs)
  • Lear about military capability development process and procedures
  • Military operational problem definition, root cause analysis, Gap Analysis and Operational Concept Description (OCD)
  • Military concept of operations (CONOPS) and requirements
  • Techniques to identify and manage project and capability stakeholders

Topics Included:

  • Military capability development
  • Creating capability vision using TONEX Military Capability Templates and Procedures
  • Systems Engineers and military programs
  • Requirements management for military systems
  • Military program and project management for development of military capabilities
  • Stakeholder measures of effectiveness
  • Tools to measure of military capabilities
  • operational availability management
  • Concept of overall effectiveness
  • Operational Effectiveness

Military OCD and Requirements Engineering Workshops:

  • Building new military capabilities
  • Tools and templates for Gap Analysis
  • Capability Vision Creation Templates
  • ConOps and System Validation Examples and Case Studies

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