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MILLIMETER WAVE, mmWave Training Course by TONEX

Millimeter  Wave Training, mmW training covers many topics behind millimeter wave or mmW technology and applications.

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Fundamentals of Millimeter Wave training, mmW training provides a strong understanding of Millimeter Wave fundamentals is required to understand the underlying technologies and applications behind Millimeter Wave. Millimeter Wave training course presents the fundamentals of Millimeter Wave and illustrates the underlying architecture and highlights the importance of several aspects of Millimeter Wave.

Learn about:

  • Features of millimeter waves or mmW
  • Current state of development
  • The millimeter-wave region of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Propagation principles and issues on radio band frequencies of 30 GHz to 300 GHz or Extremely High Frequency (EHF) range
  • The millimeter-wave propagation characteristics
  • Propagation effects and mmW
  • Effects of Dry air atmosphere, Water vapor, Fog and clouds and Rain
  • Propagation Effects and Atmospheric AttenuationBackground – Atmospheric Attenuation
  • Millimeter Wave Channel Models, Capacity Limits, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Principles of applications using millimeter-wave technologies
  • Millimeter wave propagation beamwidth
  • Characteristics of the earth’s atmosphere applied to problems and solutions for millimeter wave applications
  • mmW technology development
  • Relationship between bit rate and modulation/demodulation of mmW system
  • Doppler shifts effects on millimeter wave frequencies
  • mm wave propagation modeling to realize WPANs
  • mm wave propagation modeling to realize 5G communications
  • mm wave propagation modeling for aerospace and defense

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