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Model Best Testing (MBT) is a software testing technique where run time behavior of software under test is checked against predictions made by a model.

MBT has become a popular modality for organizations because it helps create better software quality by getting teams thinking about the models. Model based testing describes how a system behaves in response to an action (determined by a model). It’s about supply action, and observing if the system responds as per the expectation.

There are two types of model based testing framework:

  • Offline / a priori: Generation of Test Suites before executing it. A test suite is nothing but a collection of test cases
  • Online / on-the-fly: Generation of Test Suites during test execution

It can be difficult to understand MBT without understanding the models involved. One common model is finite state machines. This model helps testers to assess the result depending on the input selected. There can be various combinations of the inputs which result in a corresponding state of the system.

The system will have a specific state and current state which is governed by a set of inputs given from the testers.

Another model, state charts, is an extension of Finite state machine and can be used for complex and real time systems. State charts are used to describe various behaviors of the system. It has a definite number of states. The behavior of the system is analyzed and represented in the form of events for each state.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Model Based Testing Training, a 3-day course that covers the application of model based design for designing and optionally executing artifacts. These models can be used to represent the desired behavior of a system under test (SUT), or to represent testing strategies and a test environment.

Additionally, Tonex offers more than a dozen other courses in MBSE training, including:

MBSE Training Crash Course (4 days)

Model Based Requirements Engineering  (4 days)

SysML Training Crash Course (4 days)

Requirements Engineering Workshop with Use Cases (3 days)

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