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In coordination with IS4 (International Society of Space and Security Specialists), Tonex offers the Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP) certification in order to train current and future personnel in how to more effectively manage space security issues.

Space cybersecurity is an increasingly relevant and pressing area of concern for individuals, companies and governments, and one that is hard to ignore.

Space systems, ranging from satellites to mission control centers, are frequently the target of cyber-attacks. Evidenced by the prevalence of vulnerabilities and attack vectors that go unchecked, space systems ranging from CubeSats to sophisticated rovers have considerable cybersecurity challenges.

Consequently, organizations, agencies and individuals concerned about cybersecurity are now venturing into this very important area of space security.

Analysts go as far as saying that without question, space has become the new frontier for cybersecurity as today’s global economies and governments rely on space-dependent infrastructure.

Although residing in the vacuum of deep space makes them less vulnerable to physical attacks, space-based systems are still ultimately controlled from computers on the ground. That means they can be infected just like any other system.

This has given rise to a much sought after professional known as a space security specialist. Evidenced by the prevalence of vulnerabilities and attack vectors that go unchecked, space systems ranging from CubeSats/Micro Satellite to sophisticated rovers have considerable cybersecurity challenges.

Well trained space security specialists are crucial because protecting a satellite that people around the globe rely on requires a plan beyond software updates and new passwords. Space satellites are also essential in order to keep the planet secure from adversaries.

In fact, according to the Federal Register (the Daily Journal of the United States Government), space cybersecurity is essential because space systems enable key functions such as global communications; positioning, navigation and timing; scientific observation; exploration; weather monitoring; and multiple vital national security applications.

The CSSSP® (Certified Space Systems Security Professional) qualification is one of the most qualified certifications in the space security industry, demonstrating an advanced knowledge of space cybersecurity.

The CSSSP certification carries more weight every day as organizations and agencies look to hire professionals in space security to protect their interests from continual advance of cybercrime.

Want to know more? Our Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP) training, a 5-day course, is ideal for space and security practitioners, analysts, engineers, managers and executives interested in proving their knowledge across space security practices and principles.

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