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Network centric warfare (NCW) is about strategic spectrum dominance and how it has now become a crucial part of modern war.

Also, network centric warfare involves warfare of the fifth generation which is fought in cyberspace which is usually to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches and is equally important for national security.

In various locations worldwide, aeronautical, defense, and security organizations use sophisticated technologies to detect risks that are actual and imminent.

Network centric warfare is a military operation involving the use of electromagnetic energies in the monitoring, manipulating, reducing, or preventing hostile use of electromagnetic spectrum and also the detection of the radar of an incoming missile and the gathering of radio signals from an opponent. 

One important reason for network centric warfare is that it allows forces to develop speed of command. Speed of command has three parts:

  • The force achieves information superiority, having a dramatically better awareness or understanding of the battlespace rather than simply more raw data.
  • Forces acting with speed, precision, and reach achieve the massing of effects versus the massing of forces.
  • The results that follow are the rapid foreclosure of enemy courses of action and the shock of closely coupled events. This disrupts the enemy’s strategy and, it is hoped, stops something before it starts.

Speed of command is a key military strength for its potential, within limits, to offset a disadvantage in numbers, technology, or position.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Fundamentals of Network Centric Warfare (NCW), a 2-day course that offers a deep exposure to modern network centricity capabilities in military operations.

In this course, discover all you need to know to effectively use network-centric warfare key concepts, and supporting services and systems including C4ISR, command and control (C2)  technology, architecture, systems, tactics, and security.

This course is especially designed for engineers, technicians, analysts, and managers working with warfare technology.

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