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The oil and gas industry is embracing a technology transformation to reshape their operating landscape and reap the benefits of improved productivity, higher efficiency, and increased cost savings.

Analysts have been saying for some time that a digital maturity is crucial for the oil and gas sector.

Digital transformation in oil and gas allows upstream, midstream and downstream industry players to optimize the use of critical equipment.

Utilizing remote sensors connected by the cloud, analytics and IoT, equipment maintenance can be monitored and tracked from the well rig down to the gas pumps at the retail level.

For executives and managers focused on business strategy, business analytics tied to big data and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to better understand which features and products deliver the best customer value.

An especially key benefit to digital transformation in the oil and gas industry revolves around cloud computing, which  enables effective collaboration between the stakeholders across various departments.

Cloud computing also provides collaborative platforms to develop collaboration tools for communication, reviews, and approvals. This simplifies workflow and procedural complexities in documentation, process management, compliance management, and decision making, thereby leading to transparency, speed, and business growth. 

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Oil and Gas Transformation Mini MBA, a 5-day workshop that surveys the core curriculum covered in most university-level graduate business programs as well as fundamental leadership and technology courses that are relevant to the oil and gas industry.

Our Oil and Gas Transformation Mini MBA offers an overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques that are required to succeed in today’s challenging oil and gas industry. 

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