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Organizational Development Fundamentals Training Course

Organizational Development Fundamentals Training Course provides different aspects of organization development containing the philosophies, fundamentals, models, techniques, and the procedure of developing organization. Organization Development (OD) Fundamentals training course will help you the bases and rules of managing change and getting people inline, and practicing for success.

Definition of Organization

An organization refers to any situation where two or more people are engaged in a typical quest or goal. Taking into consideration the wide-ranging and comprehensiveness descriptions of organization, it is straightforward to comprehend the complication of OD and the multiple situations where it can be used.

Definition of Organization Development (OD)

There is no official definition of OD, and what may be referred to as legitimate OD application by some might also be taken legitimately by others, as being outside the scope of OD.

The area of OD is vast and complicated; thus, OD professionals will find themselves in various frameworks applying a broad range of techniques and procedures to bring about satisfying results in organizations.

Core Values of Organization Development

  • Supporting people to operate as human beings instead of resources in the productive procedure.
  • Supporting organization individuals, separately, along with the organization itself, to grow to their full potential.
  • Exploring to enhance the efficiencies of the organization in regards to its objectives.
  • Trying to generate an ecosystem where it is doable to explore thrilling and difficult work.
  • Supporting people in organizations to impact the way in which they collaborate, the organization, and the culture.
  • Considering each human being as a person with a complicated series of needs, all of which are essential to their work and their personal life.

Organization Development Objectives

  • To enhance the level of personal faith among staff.
  • To enhance the amount of fulfillment to the employees.
  • To face the problems rather than avoiding them.
  • To efficiently deal with conflicts.
  • To enhance collaboration and team working between the employees.
  • To enhance the problem solving skills in the organization.
  • To establish strategies that will assist enhancing the continuing function of the organization on an ongoing foundation.


Organization Development Fundamentals training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Human resources and organizational development practitioners
  • Team leaders
  • Senior and mid-level managers
  • Strategic leaders
  • Directors and executives
  • External and internal consultants
  • Planners and implementers of change

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of Organization Development (OD)
  • The Core of Organization Development
  • The Organization Development Practitioner
  • The Type of Planned Change
  • The Process of Organization Development
  • Organization Development Consulting
  • Organization Development Leadership
  • The Concentration Point of Organization Development
  • Objectives of Organization Development
  • Organization Development Roadmap
  • Case Study: Planned Change and Organization Development at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Organizational Development Fundamentals Training Course

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