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Patent Law for Engineers Training

Patent law for engineers training provides you with everything you need to know about intellectual property (IP) law in the field of engineering. This includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, claims, trade dress, trade secrets, and business techniques.

Intellectual property (IP) protection is completely critical for protecting a company’s proprietary designs, processes, and inventions. Such are so crucial that if leaked to competitors or made public, it could destroy a company’s future, market advantage, and reputation or lead to costly lawsuit.

Patent Law for Engineers Training

Patent law for engineers training teaches you the basics of patent protection, focusing on helping engineers obtain some intellectual property awareness to have a good understanding of IP foundation. Those individuals who take this hands-on training will become effective members of a company’s innovation resource, will comprehend the core of true patent protection and be able to effectively seize any valuable intellectual properties from their daily engineering work. This hands-on training covers diverse IP topics in an easy language from specific perspectives of engineers.

Learn About:

  • The fundamentals of US patent law and various types of patents
  • How inventorship is identified by the US law
  • How to document an invention
  • How to conduct search public databases for previous art patents
  • Patentability criteria in the US
  • Patent application parts: definition and interpretation
  • Patent preparation
  • Patent trial process
  • The regulations relevant to patent filing
  • S. patent laws and practical implications


Patent law for engineers training is a 2-day course designed for all engineers, scientists, and managers who already have or are planning to present any forms of invention or idea that required copyright or patent attainment.

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of Patent Law for Engineers
  • Fundamentals of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Who Decides Accountability and Compensations
  • From Filing to Prosecution, Timing and Costs
  • Scope of Discovery
  • S. Patent Laws
  • US Patent Components
  • Claims Components
  • The Value of a Patent
  • Patent Rights and the Engineer Managers
  • TONEX Case Study Sample

Patent Law for Engineers Training

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