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The advantages of phased array antenna systems include the ability to perform electronic scanning of the ultrasonic beam, which can reduce inspection times by eliminating or reducing the need move the probe.

Three common application areas of phased array antenna systems are in Wi-Fi, chirped radar, and 5G.

The number of emitters in a phased array antenna can range from a few into the thousands. The goal in using a phased array antenna is to control the direction of an emitted beam by exploiting constructive interference between two or more radiated signals in a process known as  “beamforming.”

When signals emitted from each emitter in phased array antenna systems are perfectly in phase, they will interfere constructively and produce intense radiation, but this only happens along a specific direction.

The direction is controlled by setting the phase shift between the signals sent to different emitters. The phase shift is controlled by placing a slight time delay between signals sent to successive emitters in the array.

Outside of the main beam emission direction, the beam intensity decreases. There are also sidelobes in the beam pattern because signals are periodic, but you do get a very strong beam along a specific direction.

Many new technologies such as 5G communication requires multiple accesses, multi-beams, high gain, and ultra-dense networking. Antenna designers are prepared to meet the requirements of upcoming wireless communication systems with phased array antennas. 

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